Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Day I Met Michelle Bachmann

Luke Ford writes

Last summer, I went to a rally for Israel outside the Jewish Federation on Wilshire Blvd.

Off to the side, I saw television cameras and Michelle Bachmann coming through. She was shaking hands and introducing herself to people before joining the big shots behind the microphone.

I think I edged out of the way. I don’t like politicians. I don’t like getting sold. I like to think of myself as above it all. I’m an observer. I like to be neutral. Don’t draw me into the dance.

I thought of Michelle as this flaky right-winger. I heard she was planning to run for president but I thought that was a joke. What had she ever accomplished?

Just looking at her, she seemed extreme.

She had presence. I’ll give her that. The air changed when she moved close to you. People responded to her. She had energy and she conveyed excitement.

I didn’t bother to blog about her.

I didn’t think much about her. I had no idea that a year later she’d be a presidential contender.

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