Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hungry In America?

Luke Ford writes:

For the past few months, the Jewish Federation has campaigned around Los Angeles that one out of eight people in the city are hungry.

It’s a big fat lie, but that hasn’t stopped synagogues, including Orthodox ones, from embracing the lie and preaching it from their pulpits.

Is there any lie about America so outlandish that liberal Jews won’t preach it? I’m thinking in particular about the faux threats of global warming and heterosexual AIDS in America.

Dig this — the Jewish Federation campaign website is at GiveLifeMeaning.org.

I love that. Give your life meaning by peddling lies.

I’m sure that gives many people meaning. I’m not sure why we should admire that.

Last week, the Jewish Journal put this on its cover: "One Hip Campaign Tackles Two Problems: Hunger and the Federation’s Image"

Problem: There’s no evidence of widespread malnutrition aka hunger in California or the United States.


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