Thursday, July 29, 2010

Serial Dating Los Angeles III

Luke Ford writes:

Ally writes the “Serial Datist” blog. She’s only 29 years old. She was raised Orthodox but in adulthood she’s become a tad less Orthodox.
TheShiksaMenace: Asian Chicks are NOT submissive
TheShiksaMenace: This woman craves Aryan men
TheShiksaMenace: How often do yo go to the mikvah?
TheShiksaMenace: Arm wrassle her
TheShiksaMenace: Show us more muscles
TheShiksaMenace: Terrific
TheShiksaMenace: feeble Jewess, you are no match for an aryan man like Luke!
apikoris: this s**t should be rated R
TheShiksaMenace: Do em
YourMoralLeader: she’s great
TheShiksaMenace: put luke in a thigh lock
YourMoralLeader: ok
TheShiksaMenace: LETS SEE THIS
User TheShiksaMenace changed their name to ChaimAmalek.
ChaimAmalek: Luke, you should drill her on torah before the night is out
ChaimAmalek: You are the shiznet
ChaimAmalek: he has a spare lulav

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