Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mind Body 40 Days By Sandra Bain Cushman

Luke Ford writesRobert Rickover interviews Sandra Bain Cushman, an Alexander Technique teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is the author of the forthcoming book Mind Body 40 Days.

Between them, Robert and Sandra have more than 50 years of experience teaching the Alexander Technique.

Sandra: “As our world has become more complex, people are feeling more fragmented. There’s this movement to sit and be quiet and to center oneself. The Technique offers information about how the body balances itself and how coordination works.”

Robert: “Alexander Technique can help people sit more easily.”

Sandra: “Ask yourself, what are you looking for in your sitting practice? Not only more balance in your body but also in your life… I think that what people are really seeking in their sitting practice is integration, calm, and freedom from a lot of negative emotion.”

“The Alexander Technique does seem like magic. When your neck is free and your head is balanced way up high on the spine, when you really move up and think of your coordination being organized where your head rests on your spine, there’s this fabulous release into lightness, coordination and ease. As far as I know, Alexander teachers are the only ones skilled at that.”

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